I’m on Godless!

I know, I know, I’m VERY late to the game. Almost a year and a half late, in fact. But to be honest, I didn’t have anything I could distribute through Godless.

The Virus series has to remain exclusive to Amazon as it’s part of the Kindle Unlimited program, and aside from those books, I don’t really have much in my backlog.

However, I realised I do have a few short stories hanging around – short stories which have appeared in anthologises, but have since reverted rights back to me. This could only mean one thing… Godless time, baby!

Whilst the anthology stories were edited by the publisher’s inhouse team, they were still written in the infancy of my writing career, and not really a reflection of my current style. With this in mind, I began the torturous task of editing. Submitting the stories as part of an anthology is one thing, but selling them individually is totally different. They didn’t feel complete enough. Not fleshed out enough. And, despite offering them for only 50p/ยข, I felt they needed more value for money. So… the edits turned into revisions!

After a while, I finished revising The Bed of Tulips. It got a brand spanking new cover, and became my first offering to the Godless platform.



So what is Godless?

For those not familiar with Godless, it is a new distribution resource for underground, self-published, indie horror authors and narrators! It is the brainchild of Drew Stepek, who initially set up the site to promote his debut novel of the same name back in 2000. Fast forward twenty-one years, when Drew relaunched the site, this time aiming to amplify the voices of indie authors and drive fanbases through a horror-focused community. 

Today, it is a popular site for horror lovers worldwide, offering a fantastic selection of ebooks from a range of truly talented authors. Everyone distributing through Godless, whether they be authors, narrators, or publishers, have been asked to donate 5% of their earnings to Children of the Night – a charity set up to rescue children and young people from prostitution and sexual exploitation. Every purchase you make contributes to a great cause!

If you haven’t already, go check out the site here


The Bed of Tulips


Interested in reading more about The Bed of Tulips? Here’s the synopsis:

Urban explorers Dan, Greg, and Harry are looking for their next big location, one that will catapult their video channel to stardom. An old derelict house looks like the ideal location, with its smashed windows, weatherbeaten exterior, padlocked gate, and a bizarrely pristine bed of tulips.

It’s a quick read, but hopefully enjoyable.


Check it out here


This is only the first, of what I’m hoping will be many, stories I distribute through Godless. Stay tuned!